Biomass, HTC, SEG and HGC

The proof of- concept of an advanced sorption enhanced gasification (SEG) process for high efficiency high purity H2 stream production along with a high concentrated CO2 stream from residual biomass will be demonstrated through material and process development.

Co2 Conversion and O2 Separation

A series of plasma assisted catalysis technologies will be developed and tested in order to compare the result and define the most convenient technology for the final application. Oxygen separation membranes with high CO2 tolerance and resistant to plasma will be developed and characterized. Furthermore plasma-assisted membrane reactor for CO2 to CO conversion, and O2 separation will be laboratory integrated and tested.

Integrated Lab Scale Tests and Industrial Plant Design

Different reactors will be tested and the proper plant design for future applications will be evaluated. The development of the correct auxiliary and their integration into the respective test bench is part of the activity. Development of membrane reactors for methanol production and methanol synthesis test will be carried out. Moreover, SOFC button cells tests with cleaned syngas to perform studies on the effect of organic and inorganic contaminants will be carried out. Forced trip events (fuel shortage, load cycling) will be performed: the results will be used as input for the system industrial scale plant design and modelling activities.

Modelling & Validation

Entire process of fully system simulation (at large scale) for performance analysis and system optimization. Data on sustainability aspects related to the novel innovative concept will be gathered. The environmental, economic and social aspects that are more relevant in the novel concept will be identified. The results from LCA, LCC and S-LCA will be integrated to provide a holistic point of view of the sustainability of the novel concept.

Dissemination Communication and Exploitation

A detailed market assessment and efficient business strategies for the successful implementation and replication of the GICO model will be carried out, as well as a plan to promote knowledge-sharing among the most relevant stakeholders, media and citizens.